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Find a Fantastic, Friendly Church Near You!

Discover a Supportive Community To Strengthen Your Spiritual Journey

The isolation, stress and uncertainty over the last year and a half have taken a toll on many people. But churches all over the USA want you to know that you aren’t alone, that you can be part of a supportive community and that HOPE can be found through Jesus Christ. 

The churches listed on this website are part of a national movement called Back to Church Sunday.  They are excited to welcome new guests, just like you, and are planning special services this fall where you and your family can find real connection and hope. 

So enter your address and find a church to try this weekend!

Why church?

There comes a point for most of us when we keep looking for meaning, answers, or purpose. You don’t have to have been raised in church to come to church. Just come and see what happens. Maybe you’ll find what you’ve been looking for all along.

Things to consider

Church is for all kinds of people

From the very beginning, the church has been a place for all kinds of people. The church was born on a Sunday in Jerusalem when thousands of Jews from around the world gathered for one of the major yearly festivals (called Pentacost or the Feast of Weeks). That was the occasion God chose to send his Holy Spirit to fill Jesus’ first followers and enable them to speak to people from every part of the known world.

Church is a place to ask questions

The book of Acts, the fifth book of the New Testament, tells the story of the church’s birth and development in the first three decades after Jesus’ death, resurrections, and ascension.

If you were to survey every chapter in that story, you would find that the church did not just come into existence unquestioned. Many people wanted to understand this new identity, this new group…

Church is a place for people on a journey

The book of Acts relates a fascinating incident in the early days of the church. Philip. one of Jesus’ followers, met an Ethiopian man on a desert road between Jerusalem and Gaza. The traveler, a high official in the court of the Ethiopian queen, had made a pilgrimage to worship at the Temple in Jerusalem, and was on the return trip…